Your route is selected, your dates are set, your funding is secured, and your permits are submitted... now you just need to get the word out!

We have seen Open Streets programs take anywhere from one month to two years to put together.  It can depend on many factors. it is important to note, however, that more time is not always a good thing. It can lead to unnecessary frills and expenses.

An Open Streets program is the type of program that can come together quickly and affordably with the right support place (ie. funding, political will, a strong team). 

While there are many important factors involved in delivering a successful Open Streets program, it is important to remember these two rules: 

1. You need a safe, secure route. 
2. You need people on it. 

Keeping these in mind throughout your planning process will help you prioritize your actions. Would it be nice to organize a giant flash-mob with your volunteers? Yes, that would be cool. Have you issued a press release yet or setup a webpage? No? Okay, get on that. Hold on the flash-mob. 

To help you in rolling out your Open Streets program we have provided the following helpful tips related to marketing and promotion, and remember, you can always connect with us by visiting our forum.