Are you looking to move from an existing
Open Streets event to a Healthiest Practice Open Streets program? 
Or are you looking to start a new Healthiest Practice Open Streets program?
Our toolkit has what you need


In order to assist communities, of all shapes and sizes, in moving forward with a Healthiest Practice Open Streets program, we have put together a comprehensive toolkit.  This kit includes information on how to get started, how to engage community partners and volunteers, how to create and use marketing tools, and more.  Each icon on the map represents a section of the toolkit.

To build this, we used videos, infographics, templates and more, and we have made all of it available to any community.  We also have a list of FAQs and a Question Forum, so you can find out more and connect with our team as well as others across the Americas. 

To create these tools we have drawn on our expertise and experience as well as that of our expert network.  

Please feel free to use these tools in your community.  If you would like to connect with one of our team for more information or assistance, you can head to our Contact Us page and send us and email.